La Marzocco Vulcano

Distinct design, unparalleled technology.


The Vulcano line brings together distinct La Marzocco retro Italian design with Mazzer grinding expertise.


The Vulcano grinder line is inspired by the award-winning 1960s model grinder designed by La Marzocco co-founder Giuseppe Bambi, and features a Mazzer conical burr set.


The Vulcano Swift features La Marzocco Swift grinder technology to grind, dose, and tamp, providing repeatability and consistency of dose to within a fraction of a gram. Grind and dose adjustments are simple and accessible, providing the barista the highest level of control, while minimizing waste.



Main Features

Conical burrs deliver improved grind quality    
63 mm dia. burrs    
Stepless grind adjustment    

Swift Model Features

Doser Model Features

Electronic Model Features

Doses to within a fraction of a gram Doser chamber collects and redistributes grinds Improves grind preparation efficiency and ergonomics
Grind, dose, and tamp technology Tactile doser paddle delivers consistent single dose per pull Programmable single, double, and manual dose
Easily adjustable dose   Dosing funnel accurately delivers grinds to the center of the basket